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Business Law frequency and questions

What legal services does Capitol Law Partners provide in Business Law?

Capitol Law Partners specializes in various aspects of Business Law, including establishing a business in the USA and Turkey, corporate governance, contract negotiation, license agreements, and dispute resolution. Our experienced attorneys are here to guide you through the legal intricacies of business operations in both the United States and Turkey.

How can Capitol Law Partners assist my business in international transactions?

Our team offers comprehensive legal support for international business transactions, ensuring compliance with regulations in both the U.S. and Turkey. From contract drafting to dispute resolution, we provide strategic counsel to facilitate smooth cross-border business operations.

What immigration services does Capitol Law Partners offer?

Our expertise spans various immigration matters, including representation in removal proceedings, affirmative asylum, federal litigation (mandamus), employment-based petitions, visa applications, green card processes, and citizenship applications. We cater to individuals, businesses and investors seeking to navigate the U.S. immigration system.

Does Capitol Law Partners help with employment-based immigration?

Absolutely. We assist employers and employees in obtaining various employment-based visas, addressing the specific needs of businesses seeking skilled foreign workers.

How can Capitol Law Partners assist with asylum cases?

Our team is dedicated to helping individuals seeking asylum in the United States. We provide legal representation, guide clients through the asylum application process, and advocate for their rights in immigration court.